TANGERANG SELATAN – An online taxi driver named Muslim Rambe (26), a victim of robbery by his passengers. Luckily the action could be thwarted because there were police officers who crossed when the perpetrators and victims dueled on the roadside.

Information gathered, initially Muslim Rambe received an order from Minimalist IV Housing, Block E, Number 10, Lengkong Gudang Timur, Serpong, South Tangerang City (Tangsel), Monday 18 February 2019, at 19.30 WIB.

The customer is a man named Irman Aryanto (32), with a destination to Ciater Tandon located on Jalan Widya Kencana Ciater, Buaran, Serpong. Without suspicion, the victim driving a Toyota Calya brand with police number B 1789 NRW immediately drove to the pickup point.

(Foto: Hambali/Okezone)

“The suspect entered the victim’s car, then asked the victim to wait for a friend again,” explained AKP Alexander Yurikho Hadi, Kasatreskrim, South Tangerang Regional Police, to Okezone on Saturday (02/03/2019).

Both of them had time to talk in the car while waiting for the arrival of another actor. At that time, the perpetrator Irman asked many things to avoid the suspicion of the victim.

“Had a conversation while waiting for another suspect. It turned out that after about 30 minutes waiting, the suspect’s friend did not come to make the victim suspicious,” he said.

Suddenly the offender attacked the victim. He struck blindly at the victim’s head. Because he was shocked and in a position not ready, the victim then chose to get out of the car while pulling the ignition key of his vehicle.

(Foto: Hambali/Okezone)

“Then the suspect left the car and hit the victim’s head against the wall, until there was another fight,” Alex said.

Luckily, accidentally passed a police patrol car from Serpong Sector Police. Seeing the fight, the police officer then stopped and approached. It was only known, if the victim apparently was defending himself from a robbery attempt.

“We immediately secure the culprit,” he explained.

The police helped secure the evidence, including a 2 meter blue rope. From the confession of the perpetrator, it is strongly suspected that the rope will be used to snare the victim’s neck.

For his actions, Irman was charged under Article 365 concerning Theft with Violence in conjunction with Article 53 of the Criminal Code concerning Trial of Crime, with the threat of a maximum sentence of nine years in prison.