JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The Ministry of Transportation will make minimum service standards for online taxis.

This regulation was made following a number of acts of crime that occurred in online taxis. “For improvement, I will make the minimum service standard,” said Director General of Land Transportation, Ministry of Transportation, Budi Setyadi, in Bekasi, West Java, Thursday (03/05/2018).

Budi added, in the regulation specifications will be arranged which must be obeyed by online taxi drivers and managers. One that will be arranged is the level of darkness of the window film in an online taxi.

“(Also) the panic button, we will make it all so that the safety aspects will be truly guaranteed for passengers, drivers and vehicles,” said Budi.

Not only that, continued Budi, later there will also have to be tighter selection of online taxi drivers.

“Including that there is also a screening at reception, if possible from the party (maker and manager) the application will not accept everyone, the accepted must be certain conditions,” he said.

According to Budi, the minimum service standard is derived from the Ministerial Regulation (PM) which will be issued in lieu of PM Number 108 of 2017.

Later, the minimum service standards for online taxis are issued only by a letter from the Directorate General of Land Transportation.

Not long ago a passenger with the initials SS was held captive and robbed by three perpetrators in an online taxi. His culture was drained and he was taken around for around 7 hours, before finally being released.

The three perpetrators of SS seizure and robbery are LI and two colleagues SN and AP. LI was shot dead by police for fighting when he was about to be arrested. While SN and AP, were shot in the leg and were arrested by the West Jakarta District Police.

A number of other cases have also colored the news, including cases that claimed lives some time ago.