Jakarta – After being banned in Jakarta, Uber taxi connector application penetrated Bandung. This black plate taxi car only operates a week. Not many passengers know about its existence.

“A week in Bandung, I just joined two days ago, Yesterday online 24 hours, no passengers, my first passenger,” said driver Uber Taxi to detikcom driving a minibus type car, Saturday (06/06/2015).

According to him passengers in Bandung is still quiet because there are still many who do not know yet. “Maybe if you already know, it will be crowded, hopefully can compete with other taxis,” he said, who is a travel driver.

There are now 50 Uber taxis in Bandung. “Still a little, he’ll say there will be 200 fleets,” he said. Type of minibus cars of various brands.

For the initial stage, keep serving passengers in the city center. “Ujungberung not yet arrived, maybe there will be a driver who stood there, but while in the center of the city first,” he said when asked why there is no fleet in the Ujungberung region.

He revealed, the driver was briefed first in one hotel in Bandung. “Given an explanation of Uber application and how its services,” he said who claimed still do not understand.

From monitoring detikcom in Uber application, Uber Taxi fleet gathered in downtown, around Gedung Sate. In the suburbs of Bandung, no fleets were found.