TRIBUNNEWS.COM, BALI – Again there is a dispute between Online transportation and the base. This time there was a commotion between conventional taxi drivers and an online taxi driver in the parking lot near Restaurant Solaria, a passenger pickup at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali, Sunday (03/17/2019).

Today the online taxi drivers of the persecution came to the Togar Law Office of Situmorang & Associates, which is located at Jl. Gatot Subroto Timur No. 22 Denpasar Bali.

Their arrival at the Law Office of Togar Situmorang & Associates was because they wanted their rights to be fought for.

CALEG Bali Provincial DPRD DAPIL Denpasar Number 7 Togar Situmorang, S.H, M.H, M.A.P. regretted the statement of the security forces of Angkasa Pura who advised various parties that tomorrow to confirm with the management because he was not a decision maker but insisted the online taxi party was prohibited from taking passengers in the airport area so that there were acts of persecution.

“The law stipulates that in the Republic of Indonesia Minister of Transportation Regulation Number PM 118 Year 2018 concerning the Implementation of Special Rental Transportation Service Criteria Article 3 Point A states, the operating area is in urban areas and from and to airports, ports or nodes other transportation, meaning that there is no prohibition against Indonesian citizens from earning a living anywhere, “said the attorney for online taxi driver Advocate Togar Situmorang, SH, MH, MAP, who is also the Advisory Board of the National Defense Forum Monday (03/18/2019) .

“We all know that the age of the world is in the grip. It means that the online taxis work because they have orders from passengers. They are not like conventional taxis,” explained Togar Situmorang, S.H, M.H, M.A.P. who is also Chairman of the Indonesian GNPK-Bali.

Togar also said that if indeed they stand and take the place of taking a conventional taxi, the story is different, because their stalls are indeed provided by the airport, yes it is natural that they become angry

“But this is not, online taxis come because of orders, then they go to the place that has been determined, then where is the fault? Parking they pay too,” continued Togar Situmorang, S.H, M.H, M.A.P Chair of POSSI Denpasar Bali.

The commotion began with a confrontation by conventional taxi drivers at the airport because they objected to the existence of an online taxi that took passengers at Bali’s I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport.

At the time of the commotion, one of the airport security parties came to secure the situation. The security forces wearing a green vest with the name Airport Security explained that tomorrow each party would come to the management of Angkasa Pura so that the problem could be bridged, because there were rules to try at the Airport, the security forces explained.

One of the online taxi drivers there wanted a solution from the airport security, but the airport security explained that he was doing a lot of other work and suggested that tomorrow please coordinate with Angkasa Pura management, because according to the airport security he was not a decision maker.

One of the other online taxi drivers also asked the security, which means that the Angkasa Pura party forbade online taxis from taking passengers at the airport? then the airport security answered, yes it was clear, he stressed.

Because there was an affirmation forbidding online taxi drivers to pick up passengers by airport security, it eventually triggered conventional drivers to persuade taxi drivers online to cause one of the online drivers to be injured.

“Well, if indeed an online taxi comes because of an order, why do conventional taxis have a problem? From all the conventional taxis at a disadvantage?”, Asked Togar Situmorang, S.H, M.H, M.A.P. who was the Chairperson of the Mantra Kerta CAGUB CAWAGUB Advocacy Team.

“They (conventional taxis) have already parked at the airport, their cars have also been bought by taxis, but when the passengers prefer online taxis, is it wrong for an online taxi?”, Explained Togar.

“We will guard this case, we have reported it to the police with a Police Report Number: LP-B / 06 / III / 2019 / Bali / RestaDps / SekKwsUdr / March 17, 2019”, said Togar Situmorang, S.H, M.H, M.A.P. 100 famous Advocates of Property n Bank Magazine version.

“We will take the legal path to provide a deterrent effect for people who feel pretentious. Equally looking for food, do not arrogant”, concluded Togar.