RMOLBANTEN. Thousands of online taxi drivers who are members of the National Online Driver Action Committee (KOMANDO) urged the central government to cancel the Minister of Transportation Regulation (Permenhub) No. 118 of 2018 regarding the Implementation of Special Rental Transportation.

The demonstrators consisting of online taxi drivers expressed their aspirations in front of the Banten DPRD Building, Wednesday (12/2).

The drivers claimed to have been harmed by the policy, besides that the Minister of Transportation was also considered to have no statute on it, as a legal basis for the establishment of a higher law.

“In order that Ministerial Regulation number 118 of 2018 is not announced or canceled by law, because it does not have the provisions of the Act above it,” explained the National Commission’s Public Relations, Ikhsan Aziz.

In addition, said Ikhsan, since the issuance of Permenhub number 118, it seemed to make operators arbitrarily play the system, by distributing orders from consumers to drivers in the field.

“”We seem to be squeezed, without a clear order. ¬†Sometimes only three in a day. Meanwhile, the car installments are high, which in the end we cannot pay the installments, (car), “he said.

As a result of failing to pay off vehicles, drivers are forced to rent vehicles belonging to other companies.

“And in the end we are being used only for the buying and selling market in cars. And finally, many loans are stuck,” he said.

On the other hand, he also criticized the formation of Regulation 118 which did not pay much attention to input from the regions, especially drivers in the field.

He hopes that the government can pay attention to the fate of many people, especially online drivers, so that Ministerial Regulation number 118 can be revised.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Banten DPRD, Andra Soni admitted that he would submit complaints of online divers in Banten Province so that they could be followed up by the central government.

“Even so, we are also still waiting for a review from them (drivers), regarding their complaints, so that we can learn about it first, before we submit it to the center. Because we have not yet received an assessment from them in writing,” he said.