Proton SAGA


This car is made based on Mitsubishi Lancer Fiore blueprint which is a fairly popular sedan of its time. The second generation of this vehicle was launched with many new features and face-changing changes to attract more customers in 2011. Versions from Proton Saga to Proton Saga FLX have undergone various changes over the past three decades. In Indonesia, this sedan is available at a reasonable price compared to other cars in the same segment of different brands.

Engine, mileage and variant

The Proton Saga FLX puts a 1.3 liter engine, an in-line 4-cylinder DOHC under the hood of its car. This machine moves to reach peak power 94 hp at 5750 rpm along with peak rotation 120 Nm at 4000 rpm. Acceleration and lift of this machine is also tolerable. The engine starts from a stationary position and reaches 100 kmph in 13 seconds and reaches peak speed at 160 kmph. The overall performance of this engine is enhanced with manual transmission gearbox. This 1.3 liter engine consumes about 5.7 liters of fuel to an average of 100 km on a diverse terrain. This car has a large fuel tank with a storage capacity of 40 liters.


The exterior Proton Saga FLX has exterior features that are tolerable with neat finishing touches. The front grille grasped the symbols and proton wings of interest. Side and rear profile of this sedan has an elegant look that gives a soothing feeling to the eyes. This Proton product measures 4278 mm x 1680 mm x 1520 mm (L x W x H0 and wheel spacing 2465 mm) Wheel spacing long enough to ensure comfortable head and leg room for all 5 passengers Continues with rims and tires mounted on Proton Saga FLX, this car has a 14 inch rim with 185/60 / R14 tires.This rim and tire device provides good stability for this vehicle even when running at an improved speed.


The Proton Saga FLX interior is kept simple but elegant. This sedan has an interior all-black with leather seats. The front seat of this vehicle is complete with lying and sliding facilities for more comfort. Speaking of luggage capacity, this sedan has 413 liters of luggage space that can accommodate a fair amount of goods. If you like to enjoy music during your drive, this sedan has a decent entertainment system installed in it. The AM / FM regulator along with the MP3 system is incorporated with an amplifier for full passenger entertainment. In addition, AUX-In and USB connectivity are provided on the Proton Saga FLX so passengers can listen to the music of their choice.

Safety, Braking and others

Proton Saga FLX comes with basic security features. Airbags are equipped in this sedan for passengers of this vehicle. Safety belts are provided for all 5 passengers to ensure safety of the vessel. EBD and ABS installed to ensure the stability of this vehicle on a slippery path. The vehicle immobilizer system is installed in this vehicle which guards the vehicle from theft. Anti-theft alarm system is also provided in Proton Saga. Ventilated disc brakes mounted on the front wheels and drum brakes mounted on the rear wheels of this vehicle. Speaking of handling, the Proton Saga FLX comes with a McPherson support along with a stabilizer rod on the front and a torsion beam system on the rear for better handling at enhanced speed.