, PROBOLINGGO – The dispute between public transportation drivers and transportation based online, has not yet been completed in Probolinggo, East Java. The two groups again heated up and worsened the office of the local Transportation Agency. The trigger for online transportation is allegedly grabbing city transport passengers.

The two groups demanded Dishub to carry out a settlement which for the past two years there had been no official decision.

This action was triggered by a public transport driver who caught Grab taking passengers in the Probolinggo City Station area. Both had clashed until they were finally taken to the office of the local Transportation Agency.

At the Dishub office, both parties returned mutual accusations about the prohibition of taking passengers around the station or terminal.

Muhamad Tirin, one of the angkot drivers said, in the Mayor’s regulation no 116/2017, all online-based transportation is prohibited from taking passengers in the area. However, until now the local Transportation Agency has not taken action.

“We demand that all application-based transportation must be removed from the City of Probolinggo because it is still not feasible,” Tirin said.

Meanwhile, according to the Chairperson of the Probolinggo Online Driver Association, Erwindo, there has been an agreement between online drivers and city transport drivers, namely the implementation of the red zone for online drivers, a 500 meter radius outside the station and terminal.

“However, until now the red zone points are not yet clear because there are no submissions from public transportation drivers,” Erwindo said.

Meanwhile, the Traffic Head of the City Transportation Office Probolinggo Purwantoro said that according to the Probolinggo City Transportation Agency official it prohibited the operation of online transportation.

It’s just that the Transportation Agency cannot provide sanctions to online transportation that continue to operate because there are no clear rules.

Currently the Transportation Agency is still awaiting a set of regulations that are still being tested in five major cities in Indonesia.