Sukabumi – Sagaranten police officer, Sukabumi police station managed to secure two online taxi specialist staff. In addition to sharp weapons evidence, the car stolen by the perpetrators was also secured by officers.

This arrest happened, when the Sagaranten police officers investigated the violence against Anggi Zaenal, an online taxi driver from Limo Village, Depok.

The victim was found lying by residents on the Padasenang Village Datarmahoni Road, Cidadap District, Sukabumi Regency on Sunday (10/6/2018).

“Reports received from members, the victim was found lying on the side of the road by residents. Recognition of the victim he was encouraged by the perpetrators totaling three people after previously being mugged with sharp weapons, the victim was a driver of Grab car,” Nasriadi said via telephone Monday (11 / 6/2018).

The victim told me that he received an order while in the Depok Lama Railway Station area on Saturday (9/6/2018) at around 19:00 WIB.

“The victim claimed he was banned by passengers who ordered Grabcar from the Old Depok Railway Station. The victim took a Silver Toyota Avanza Veloz with police number B 1303 ZFW. Initially he pulled 2 passengers and then increased by 1 so there were 3 passengers in total,” continued Nasriadi.

At that time the perpetrators asked to be escorted to South Cianjur, in the middle of a trip one of the perpetrators asked the victim to change the route so that he passed through Sagaranten District, Sukabumi Regency.

“On Sunday at around 02.00 WIB the victim and the perpetrators who were still on their way to South Cianjur arrived in Sagaranten Subdistrict. That’s when suddenly the perpetrator with the initials HA pointed a sharp weapon at the victim’s neck,” said Nasriadi.

After being mugged, the victim was then pushed by the perpetrator to fall to the asphalt road. The position of HA itself is in the passenger seat right next to the victim. After dropping the victim, the perpetrators then fled towards Cianjur. The victim was found lying by residents then evacuated by the police.

“The victim asked for information, some of the personnel immediately moved along with the residents to chase the perpetrators. Until finally the victim’s car was found parked in the Cidadap District area left by the perpetrators.

“They did not memorize the road, the statement of one of their perpetrators intending to cross the bridge towards Cijati, Cianjur Regency. However, the condition of the bridge was badly damaged so they could not pass, perhaps for fear they finally left the car in Cidadap District,” he explained.

The perpetrators were finally arrested while hiding in a rubber plantation area. “We arrested them after there was testimony from residents who claimed to have been met by three foreigners who asked for directions to Sagatanten. Two of the perpetrators with the initials HAA and HA were arrested, while another actor named Komeng managed to escape,” he said.

Until now the police are still developing the case following the pursuit of one more perpetrator.