Jakarta – The Ministry of Transportation set a number of important points in the revision of the Ministerial Regulation 26 of 2017 about online taxis. One of them is about sticking sticker duty in every vehicle taxi online.

However, there are still many online taxi drivers who are worried sticking the sticker can allow a number of unscrupulous person to sweep to the taxi driver online.

Director of Multimoda Transportation Directorate General of Land Transportation, Cucu Mulyana, explains should the taxi drivers online is no need to fear the existence of sweeping when the vehicle has sticker attached. Because sticking stickers indicate that online taxis are legal and legal.

“The sticker has a pass, no sticker, it’s a sweeping term, let alone a sticker, it’s changed with the sticker that gives protection to the driver online, with the sticker the vehicle is legal,” he said in a themed discussion Peeling Polemic Regulation of Online Transportation held detikcom in Jakarta, Wednesday (25/10/2017).

Grandson explained, the installation of this sticker is also an attempt to facilitate the supervision of online taxis in the field.

“The installation of this sticker as a surveillance in the field because we have the area of ​​operation, the quota, the supervision is a sticker, sticker mounted on the windshield with a size that is easily read by the supervisor in the field,” he explained.

Further Cucu reveals, in doing sweeping usually unscrupulous individuals also often guessed every vehicle as an online taxi. That, can hurt the wrong target community because it is considered as an online taxi.

So it is expected, online taxi drivers need not be afraid to use this sticker, because in addition to already protected the law, the community can also be more comfortable.

“With a sticker on it, anyone who interferes means it’s a purely criminal act.There’s no reason to interrupt because the permit is valid,” he explained.