SURYAMALANG.COM, SURABAYA – Head of the East Java Provincial Government’s Transportation Agency, Fattah Yasin, feels the need to wait for new regulations after the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 108/2017 was canceled by the Supreme Court. Whatever the situation, online taxi operations need to be regulated so that they are not illegal.

“Until now, I have not received an official copy of the Supreme Court’s decision to cancel the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation 108. If this rule no longer applies, there will be new regulations,” explained Fattah Yasin, Thursday (09/13/2018).

Fattah requested that online drivers and conventional taxis be able to maintain conducivity. East Java has so far been relatively cool among conventional and online transport actors. But all were asked to respect the Government’s decision.

“The Provincial Transportation Agency is only the executor in the field. However, those who deal directly with the Drivers are us. It is best to wait for the Ministry of Transportation’s best decision,” said Fattah.

At present, there are around 25,000 online taxi units operating in Surabaya and its surroundings. When Permenhub 108 is implemented, it takes care of as many as 275 new business entities or cooperatives.

But from that number only under 15 business entities and cooperatives. This indicates that more online drivers have not implemented the old rules. Before finally the regulation on cooperatives was canceled.

But regarding the quota limit and the general A SIM obligation for drivers not canceled. Online taxi quota in East Java 4,445 units. However, what is now worrying is the assumption that online taxis are illegal because there are no laws and regulations.

The Chairperson of Surabaya Organda Sonhaji stated that the law of the jungle would apply.

“At the moment there are no rules. If friction arises under them they have no legal umbrella. We cannot hold my members to what they want. The government must prevent this friction,” said Sonhaji.