Jakarta – South Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dishub) curbs illegal parking vehicles on Jalan Widyacandra, Mampang Prapatan Subdistrict, South Jakarta. An online taxi driver protested because the car was towed by officers.

“I beg for justice, why is it only me who was towed,” said the driver named Malawi on Wednesday (2/20/2019).

Malawi reasoned only a short stop at that location. In fact, not far from where he stopped, there were careless banners.

“I have a stomach ache, sir, original, if I want to run, just run away,” he said.

Hearing the reason for Malawi, officers then offered to take him to find a toilet to defecate. But Malawi argued that he was not about to defecate.

“I don’t want to defecate, sir, but this hurts my stomach, sir,” Malawi said again.

Malawi claimed to have taken passengers. Because of traffic jams, he then paused at that location.

“I slept for a while, lying down because of my stomach ache, it was jammed. This is my car on, if I want to stay just knock, I go straight,” he explained.

Even so, the officers did not want to pay attention to him. The car is still towed.

In addition to towing Malawi cars, officers towed a Toyota Agya car which was also parked at the location. There is also a taxi driver who is sentenced to push ups for parking carelessly.