TRIBUN-BALI.COM, DENPASAR – Thousands of people consisting of various conventional driver organizations took action regarding the existence of online taxis, in front of the Bali Governor’s office on Thursday (02/07/2019).

By wearing traditional custom clothing, they started the action from the east parking lot of Bajra Sandi and walked towards the front of the Bali Governor’s office.

Some of them also appear to carry the flag of their association or organization.

“Stop the taxi online!” so the crowd shouted.

Arriving in front of the Bali Governor’s Office, they were received by representatives of the governor together with the police in charge.

One representative said that from the thousands of people present 12 people were given the opportunity to face the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster.

The mass representative from Lintas Bali Dewata Transport Airport, I Ketut Kicen confirmed, refused the existence of an online taxi.

According to him, as the base or spear of tourism, most Balinese people work in the sector.

He said, the existence of online taxis in Bali reduced the performance and revenue of conventional taxis.

The presence of online taxis, he said, greatly affected the income of conventional drivers because the price was minimal and far from the local tariffs of Bali, so consumers preferred taxis online.

“Well, that is an obstacle in the Balinese community. We used to earn Rp. 300-500 thousand per day, now it is empty because it is crushed by online,” he explained.

Kicen admitted, the decline in income could make it difficult for conventional drivers to support their children and wives.

Added, aspirations like this have been done since the beginning of the emergence of online taxis.

“Maybe this, hopefully the last of our aspirations will be accepted and get a realistic answer from the governor,” he explained.