SRIPOKU.COM, PALEMBANG – The applicators appealed to residents of the Palembang community who wanted to register as taxi drivers online (Taksol) so that they don’t worry about registering. To become a taxol driver, a person won’t be charged a penny, it’s free.

City Manager Grab Palembang, Siswantoro revealed, to register as a partner it did not charge a fee. However, a driver must first fulfill the requirements before getting an account and officially become a Grab Car driver.

“Everything is free,
as long as all the complete requirements just need to register and come directly to our office, “he said, Monday (7/22).

He explained, to make me Grab a driver must fulfill several requirements such as KTP, SIM, STNK (minimum in 2010, minimum tax at least 30 days), SKCK (still valid) and Family Card.

At this time Grab asked the partners to be patient, this was because at this time his party had not returned to open a vacancy for the city of Palembang.

“For the Grab Car Palembang area, we are still waiting from the center, because it is also related to the system. But if there are new areas such as Prabumulih, Lubuklinggau and Pagaralam, they can register,” he explained.

Whereas Teuku Parvinanda, GOJEK Sumatra’s Head of Regional Corporate Affairs explained, to be a GoCar partner is also free of charge. For parties interested in becoming partners with Gojek drivers, they can register early through the Gojek official website.

“Making a partner account is free of charge, just complete the requirements needed,” he said.