SURABAYA – The enactment of the regulation of governor (gubernator) of special lease will begin on January 4, tomorrow.

Later all the online taxi that operate must have operational permit.

Only, despite the limited time, the number of online taxis already licensed is still very minimal.

Meanwhile, the special leased transport that operates is booming.

In the vicinity of Surabaya and its surrounding areas alone, the operation is estimated at more than six thousand units.

The amount does not include an additional fleet. The number is predicted to be more than 10 thousand units.

Therefore, the potential for permit violations at the beginning of the enactment of the regulation is expected to be very high.

The reason is, the average transport operator does not know the status of its transport permit because it is under the auspices of the company / cooperative.

A number of online transport driver representatives do not dismiss that fact.

For example, the spokesperson of Surabaya’s Online Transportation Association (PAOS) Dinar A.Y.

He said that not all online transport drivers know the regulation.

Because, many of them are incidental or new status operate.

” Unless the drivers are old, they understand, ” he said.

However, they said they agreed with the enactment of the rules.

” The important thing, for us, is the certainty of guarantee in operation, ” he said.

Concerns also expressed members of Commission D DPRD East Java Achmad Heri.

Although the gubernatorial was positive, the potential for operational violations at the beginning of enactment was very high.

” Because, the amount has been licensed and not very far, ” he said.

Not only that. The issue also has other potential negative effects. One of them is potential conflict with conventional transport.

As is known, January 4, the provincial government enacted gubernance about the special lease transport alias online taxi. (ris / c15 / git / jpnn)

Source JPNN