TRIBUNMADURA.COM, SAMPANG – Suspecting that he has become a victim of a fraud case and embezzlement of a car by one of the candidates for the village head (Cakades) in Sampang Regency, Madura, Demas Haka Jaya Wardhana, a resident of Benowo Village, Surabaya City reported to the Sampang District Police Station.

The reported Cakades was Ulul Albab, who lost the 2019 Simultaneous Pilkades battle in Patarongan Village, Torjun District, Sampang Regency.

Demas Haka Jaya Wardhana said, He reported Ulul Albab to the police for renting his Toyota Calya, but it was never returned.

“There has been an agreement to rent a car for 21 days from 4 November to 24 November 2019. But until now it has not been returned,” he told, Tuesday (11/26/2019).

The victim said that he knew Ulul Albab through Facebook social media. This is after the reported party posted that he was in need of a rental car for mobilization needs during the village head election.

So he took the initiative to comment in the comments column and offer his Toyota Calya car.

“After that we contacted each other and delivered my car from Surabaya to Ulul Albab’s house in Patarongan, Sampang, Madura,” explained Demas Haka Jaya Wardhana.

Without suspicious, he gave a Toyota Calya car number L 1197 EF and immediately made an agreement with the reported, with predetermined rental time.

Likewise with the rental fee, which is IDR 350 thousand per day. Meanwhile, the total rent is IDR 7,350,000 million.

“I drove the car to Ulul Albab’s house on 4 November 2019 and at the time of the agreement I was not suspicious even though he hasn’t paid the rent in full.

In fact, I was entrusted with a guarantee of land certificate in the name of Subairi covering an area of ​​1,082 square meters, “said Demas Haka Jaya Wardhana.

Even when he was in his house, his son who at that time also participated, given some money by him.

As for the rent, Ulul Albab promised to be transferred the next day.

The man who works as an online taxi driver admitted started to become suspicious to Ulul Albab, because he kept slacking off in paying the car rent.

Whereas after a few days later, Ulul Albab’s cellphone number was no longer active.

“On November 25, 2019, yesterday. With feelings of worry, I took the initiative to come back to Ulul Albab’s house. But when he is arrived at his house, he and the car aren’t there, “he said.

“The reported family is also not responsible, so I am determined to report it to the police,” he added.

When confirmed, Kasat Reskrim Sampang District Police AKP Subiantana confirmed that he had received a report of complaints of alleged fraud and car embezzlement.

“For now we are still investigating this case, so it is still waiting for the results of further developments, “he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Patarongan Village Head Election Committee (P2KD), Agus Wedi confirmed, that Ulul Albab is the number 1 Cakades who participated in the Pilkades in his area.

“The results of the calculation, Ulul Albab lost by getting 62 votes from the total DPT of 2,360,” he said.

Simultaneous elections in 2019 in Patarongan Village were followed by three candidates for the Village Head including serial number 01 Ulul Albab, 02 Moh Subaidi, and 03 Sukri.

“For the implementation, which was held on November 21, 2019, Alhamdulillah, it runs safely and smoothly,” he stressed.