Jakarta – Minister of Transportation (Menhub) Budi Karya Sumadi reviewed the implementation of the test of 100 online taxi driver partners at the Pulo Gadung Motor Vehicle Testing Unit (UP PKB) Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta. According to Budi, mandatory tests must undergo commercial vehicles.

“Kir is an obligation of a commercial vehicle that will carry out the activity, Kir is the part that must be fulfilled because it is related to safety, so in this case it has been done both by Uber and DKI government I heard that Grab also wants to. and other conventional taxis are required (to participate in the feasibility test), “Budi said at UP PKB Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta, Sunday (5/11/2017).

For feasibility test facility, Budi appreciates Jakarta Provincial Government as provider of UP PKB. Even so, Budi hopes from the private sector also helped to procure the vehicle feasibility test facility to accelerate the process of kir test.

“If I see what is done (Provincial) of DKI is good, but the amount (means of testing kir) it needs to be improved, we do not just rely on DKI alone, we also ask private or brand holder to do (procurement of kir test equipment). Because then the process will be faster, the more the better, “he said.

Budi mentioned the maximum limit after the test is three months. The number of vehicles that have been tested today Budi said about 10,000 special vehicles for the area of ​​DKI Jakarta.

“We will give a maximum time limit of three months, enough enough yes (who has done the test kir), but later the details, which is 10,000 here, Jakarta alone,” he said.