At the first, we saw him as a tough figure in acting, not easy to set him up, he said he is the figure who became the backbone in the family and very cherished by his children and friends.

but eventually he become CRIMINAL, he stole the Frasindo car, and never paid. When we trace the car we found it at the Transmart Cikokol, and the condition is very bad.

Back Window is shattered, 1tire is gone(original), 1tire at the front right using the backup tire and it is flat, back left tire also flat, the car battery is dead, and the transmission handle is crack

we found the parking ticket and examine, the car is left at that mall at 5January 2018


we feel very sad, i’m wondering why there is this human that is so mean..  not only he stole and leave the car in worse state, turns out he had so many debt to the frasindo. So the Person doing the recruitment+administration (FAIS) is not credible, so we had to fired Fais too because of this (Fais made a lot of incident too.. none of driver in his job is paying).


we report Reza to police. hopefully he get what he deserve.



(READ about FAIS