, BATAM – Permits for online taxi operations in Batam City will soon be issued by the Department of Transportation (Dishub) of the Riau Islands Province.

That was like the affirmation from the Head of Traffic (Traffic) and Road Transportation (LLAJ), Frengki Willianto, Friday (10/18/2019).

“Possible in the near future. Because a few days ago, as many as 8 business entities have met with us,” he said.

In addition, Frengki explained that in the future there will be a joint launch with 8 existing business entities.

“In addition to issuing operational licenses, we will also issue surveillance cards for each online taxi fleet according to the established quota,” he explained.

In addition, each fleet of business entities will also be equipped with a sticker labeling if the vehicles are able to operate.

“The sticker is an agreement from an actual business entity. But the vehicle has been moved from private transportation to public transportation (SPJK),” he added.

Separately, one of the representatives of a business entity, Sawir, also asserted that his party had met with the Riau Islands Transportation Department on Monday (10/14/2019).

He also said, about 8 special rental transportation business entities (ASK) will also be issued operational licenses in the near future.

“We encourage it to be published next week. This is also in order to avoid polemics in Batam City and of course to maintain the conducivity of this city,” he explained.

In addition, he added that all of the administrative requirements had been fulfilled by each business entity.

“All procedures have been taken care of. The mechanism according to the rules means that we have indeed carried out it, it is only certainty of launching it,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, a few days ago the Batam City online driver community also urged the Acting Governor of Riau Islands, Isdianto, to pay attention to the condition of the online drivers.

Often executed, some drivers also say uncomfortable if they have to work and should carry a family card (KK) in their car.

“Why we should carry it (KK). We aim to fill the stomach,” said a driver at a forum not long ago.