Rini Okdwiyani

Rini Okdwiyani is one of the best driver partners since joining Frasindo. He is a person who easily socialize with the environment including with corporate partners, establish communication and maintain good relationships with all parties is a good habit. During his career as an online taxi driver Rini always provide sincere and friendly service to every customer, almost every customer he has served always gives good testimonials about his service and did not hesitate to give a rating of five.

She is a very responsible housewife, every morning at 04.00 am awake from her sleep to prepare all family needs. Her children who are elementary school age do not forget to be escorted to school first before she is active to drive taxi online. Positive thoughts and the spirit of earning a living into energy in daily activities.

“Give the best then it will get the best” life’s motto is always held firm has led Rini into a successful housewife care family and taxi drivers online dedicated.



Rini got incident, she let her counsins which is HARI to drove the car and split the earning, and pay frasindo.. at first, everything went well, and then accident do happen caused by HARI,

she refuse to responsible, and force HARI to responsible, so HARI came to the company and say sorry, and bring all his education papers as our escrow, HARI said he want to responsibe, but we see no good progress

We had to put her on CRIME list, untill this incident clear