SURABAYA – Adventure of Robby Anggara, 33, as the culprit of fraud and car embezzlement ends up in jail. The resident of Jalan Bogangin, Kedurus, Karangpilang, was proven to have mortgaged rental cars.

Not only just one victim, after being developed it turns out that the perpetrator had carried out a similar action 18 times. All vehicles are mortgaged by the perpetrators with the reason that they are borrowed. One of the victims was a Nissan Livina owned by Deddy Setyawan, 36, a resident of Jalan Kutisari Selatan, Tenggilis Mejoyo.

Karangpilang Police Chief Commissioner Widjanarko said, the perpetrators initially borrowed the victim’s car to be used as an online taxi on Saturday, December 21, 2019 at around 11:30.

However, after borrowing, the car was mortgaged to someone else. “The car was mortgaged or used as collateral for a debt of Rp 36 million by the suspect to another person with the initials SG,” Widjanarko said.

Widjanarko explained, the guise of the perpetrator was uncovered after the victim reported to the Karangpilang Police Sector because his car was pawned by someone else. The victim’s suspicion arises after several attempts of contacting the perpetrator’s cellphone (HP) number are inactive.

Following up on that report, then the police conduct an investigation.
It turned out that the victim’s car was not used for work by the perpetrators. But he mortgaged it.

After the chase, the perpetrator was ambushed without any resistance on Monday (1/13). Meanwhile the victim’s car was also successfully secured. “From the results of the investigation the perpetrator admitted have embezzled about 18 units of cars, “he continued.

From 18 units of four-wheeled vehicles, continued Widjanarko, the investigator only secured 9 cars with various brands. Three units of cars were found still in the city. While the rest is taken from outside the city of Surabaya.

Meanwhile, the suspect Robby Anggara claimed that the borrowing mode that will be used as an online taxi is just a trick to smooth out his evil intentions. “I borrowed for Rp.4.5 million per month,” he said, looking down.

The average of the cars borrowed by the suspect is mortgaged for IDR 15 million to IDR 20 million or even more.

To the investigator, the suspect admitted that he was determined to commit the act because he needed money and paid off the debt. “For daily needs and debt service,” he said.

Despite securing 9 cars, the Karangpilang Police Criminal Investigation Unit Team is still developing this case. Meanwhile, 9 cars that were secured include; Honda Brio Satya Nopol L 1072 XS STNK under the name of Novita Andriani, residents of Manukan Krido, Manukan Kulon, Tandes.

Toyota Avanza Nopol W 1608 QF STNK under the name of Asri Sumianti a resident of Griyaloka Public Corporation, Jatikalang Village, Krian, Sidoarjo. Daihatsu Xenia No. Pol W 1102 YW STNK under the name of Octa Firmannu Krisvanto resident of Perum Kedungturi Permai, Taman Sidoarjo.

And Suzuki GL 4X2 MT, Nopol AG 1355 PK, STNK under the name of Aprilyana Larasati, a resident of Jalan Veteran Kepanjen Kidul, Kepanjen Kidul District. Daihatsu Xenia Nopol W 1464 SC, vehicle registration
under the name of PONO residents Gisikcemandi Sedati, Sidoarjo.

Next is the Datsun Go Panca car, Nopol W-1376-YR, vehicle registration under the name Ira Tri Oktavin, Bangsri, Sukodono, Sidoarjo. Daihatsu Sigra Car, Nopol W-1267-NA, STNK under the name of Irfan Darmadi from Kahuripan NirwanaVilage, Sidoarjodan Suzuki Ertiga L-1609-IG number, STNK under the name of Soeminag, residents of Bibis Karah Sawah, Jambangan, Surabaya.