Eight drivers or taxi drivers online Grab in Medan were arrested by police. They were secured for running a fictitious order in pursuit of a bonus.


The captured drivers are SS (30), YAG (29), DDH (38), KS (36), Amiruddin (40), AP (28), DS (29) and AG (38). They were caught red-handed while doing the action at a coffee shop in Jalan Melati Raya, Medan Tuntungan, Medan, Monday (19/2).

“The suspects do the rooting or break down the security system on HP Android, so it can install applications to run fictitious orders,” said Kombes Dadang Hartanto, Kapolrestabes Medan in Medan, Thursday (22/2).

The arrest of the suspects begins with reports of a Grab driver running a fictitious order on Saturday (10/2). The report was made by the Grab who was suspicious of the drivers’ performance and earnings.

The report was then investigated. Monday (19/2), the drivers were secured when gathered in a coffee shop. From the checks made, these drivers did indeed make a fictitious order and run it without driving at all. The motive, they want to get bonus from Grab without difficulty.

“One of the suspects is the operator who damaged the application,” said Dadang.

In this case, police confiscated a number of laptops, tens of units of HP, ATM cards, and 4 cars. Based on the temporary examination, the perpetrators are able to reap a profit of Rp 120 million from this fraudulent action.

The suspects are charged with Article 30 jo Article 46 and or Article 32 paragraph (2) and or Article 35 jo Article 51 Paragraph (1) of Law No. 19 of 2016 concerning Amendment to Law No. 11 Year 2008 on Information and Electronic Transactions or Article 378 of the Criminal Code subs Article 56 paragraph (1), (2) of the Criminal Code. They are suspected of having committed misuse of data or fraud through electronic transactions.

Police are still developing cases of this online taxi driver cheating, including searching for other syndicates that also perform similar modes. The suspects are still being examined further.

The capture of Grab drivers in Medan is a follow-up of similar actions in other cities in Indonesia. Previously this cheating driver case has been revealed in Makassar and Jakarta.