He is founder of PT. Frasindo Lima Mandiri, he was born in Palembang 1985, He’s a perfectionist and a good leader often one man show; And the least he’s also active as a humanitarian activist. Together and using Frasindo, he is devoted to make the blockchain world a better place for small-industries around the world, with many ideas for upcoming Fras Child-Projects, we are slowly and actively change back on how today blockchain world “may not as the Mr/Mrs.Satoshi Nakamoto imagine”, in which all younger generation around the world could decide and plan for their future, by owning the shares of many companies scattered across the continents, easy and using their own pocket money from parents. By helping to launch frasindo products in which very affordable and almost free, and welcomes every new verified projects.

His vision and mission is not always about money, even thou he will build what’s producing and productive for all frasindo members and supporters. He do help a lot of people, and often got scammed too in the past, and he still not stop in believing, that there is hope to save humanity at the dimmest light in the world, he feels and also understand what others feels in the ruin feeling when no-one is helping in economy and investor security. This is how he is devoted to help the world and people by providing projects that could help a lot of people, in which he hope to revolutionize the future blockchain projects, and also help other people(Frasindo members and supporters) in fulfilling their dreams, even thou members and supporters dont have funding or skills or do not dare to take the risk..

With his today contribution through MyStellar.org, he did help the humanity, under-banked, emerging country and blockchain newcomers by distributing free XLM giveaway(however we know his pattern, he sometimes stop/interrupt the giveaway 🙂 if Stellar Lumens value is to high). He actively help blockchain inclusion.


Some company he nurtured and involved are=

PT.Frasindo Lima Mandiri (Project Financing, )

PT.Agra Multi Niaga

PT.Indopalm Perkebunan Sejahtera

Koperasi Permai