Saputra, one of the driver’s partners who joined since January 13, 2017 was initially a BlueBird Taxi Driver, but because his contract expires he has yet to get a replacement job and finally he decides to switch to an online taxi driver. Saputra at the beginning to join with Frasindo there are obstacles that does not have a mobile phone specifications are qualified to work as an online taxi driver. and ask for support to the company to provide these needs. On the basis of assistance, the company voluntarily provides mobile phones.

In the midst of the partnership, Saputra committed a very serious crime against the company, he took off one unit of car-sedan and did not pay enough rent, we turn of the car, and when we found the car, we see the car fuel was empty, and we suspect it was suck dry from the tank with hose.

The company attempted to pursue a path of peace to Saputra by attempting to contact and ask for clarification of his actions, but did not appear to be in good faith from him to this day. And with great regret the company declared Saputra as a criminal and report him to police, he also stole the company mobile-phones