Our driver partner who joined since February 4, 2017 is located at Jalan Bangka IX no. 29 Pela Mampang South Jakarta, Sarwanto was originally a conventional taxi driver but since being unilaterally dismissed by a taxi company he turned to an online taxi driver. Since he does not have a fleet capable of Sarwanto looking for partner companies fleet service provider. In the end he partnered with Frasindo to become an online taxi driver.

Sarwanto was very glad he was able to join our company and he appeared to be responsible in carrying out his duties, but a few months later he started undisciplined in terms of vehicle rental payments to the company even more so for a few weeks he did not pay it off.

The company’s reprimand to him did not give a deterrent effect, then he reluctantly decided to cooperate with him and ask Sarwanto to settle the obligation to pay the rent, but until now he still left a lot of debt to the company, all efforts of the company to contact him have not got the results and at this time still not seen good faith from Sarwanto.