BANDUNG – After ceasing to operate for three days, finally taxi based application or online in Bandung Raya area will resume operations on Saturday (14/10/2017).

“We also plan to hold a prayer together, Friday, October 13 in Pusdai, but this plan is still discussed related to certainty,” said Field Coordinator of the West Java Driver Command (West Java Post) Tezar Dwi Aryanto, Thursday (12 / 10/2017).

He said that during the three days, about 7,000 online transport drivers did not operate at all. Although admittedly, there are still online transport drivers who secretly operate on the road.

According to him, the Department of Transportation of West Java did appeal to the drivers of online transportation not to operate until the Ministry of Transportation of Indonesia set regulations for online transportation, at least until 1 November 2017.

However, drivers online can not follow the appeal because of economic needs.

“Many of the online transportation drivers who have economic needs are very urgent, if it remains off who will feed our family,” Tezar said.

He said the West Java Provincial Government through the Department of Transportation can not prohibit the operation of online transportation.

According to him, only the central government or the Ministry of Transportation of RI that can regulate and dismiss the online transportation operations.

“We from online transportation continue to coordinate with various parties from conventional public transport and we continue to urge the government to immediately establish regulations for online transportation,” he said.

In addition, his side keep trying to maintain kondusivitas in West Java, prevent friction with the perpetrators of conventional transportation.

Until now, no violence or other anarchy has been found between these two types of transportation in West Java.

“During this time there are many outstanding messages that we will demonstrate, he will reply to the conventional transportation,” he said.

“We are not correct, there is no mass demonstration from us, we will pray together after Friday prayers at Pusdai Jabar,” he concluded.