Application Uber began to be well known in several major cities in Indonesia. Thanks to this application, most people find it helpful in finding alternative modes of transportation.

Not only the application for prospective passengers, Uber was also made a special application of the driver’s partner. In fact, a special app driver this is claimed to be the best among its competitors. Why?

Head of Driver Marketing Uber Asia Pacific Hongi Luo explained, various facilities are offered in a special application driver this is the result of gradual development.
“As a result we can now have a variety of conveniences for the drivers and can also help find out the point anywhere driver want to get a lot of i “said Hongi at Hong Kong Uber Office, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong as written, Saturday (14/07/2017).

Hongi explained, it collaborated with the driver partners to understand how the team Uber can build features that can meet the needs of more than 2 million driver partners who use it every day in 450 cities in the world to date.

“Surely updating driver partner apps is an endless task, either to create more flexible ways of earning revenue, improving navigation issues, or providing insight to driver partners about their services,” he added.
When the driver’s partner opens the app, said Hongi, a series of personalized information will give you an idea of what is going on in the city where they are driving.

The page will tell you where there is high demand and dynamic pricing is in progress. “That is, the driver’s partners know right where in the city they can get high income,” he said.

In addition, this application also has features to facilitate the driver’s partner to manage driving activities in accordance with their own lifestyle and schedule.

Twice a day, the driver’s partner can enter his destination address so that he will get a call in the direction of the destination.

This feature is considered very useful for driver partners Uber who want to earn extra income when leaving for office only, or when going home.

Not only that, which is in the application of these drivers is also the ability of the system in applying chain orders.

It said Hongi, with this feature, the driver’s partner can receive the next call when the journey that they do will reach the new destination.

“This feature minimizes waiting times and helps driver partners to continue to get passengers,” Hongi closed.