JAKARTA – The Head of Jabodetabek Transportation Management Agency (BPTJ) Bambang Prihartono said that the first online motorcycle seller will be built in Manggarai Station.

“The first one will be in Manggarai, PT KAI will wake up,” Bambang said when met Kompas.com, Thursday (28/12/2017).

BPTJ, said Bambang, has been in talks with PT KAI related to the construction of sellers for the ojek online.

According to him, selter at Manggarai Station will be built on the land owned by PT KAI. Once at Manggarai Station, the BPTJ targets the construction of an online motorbike seller at Poris Plawad Station, Tangerang.

Meanwhile, for Tanah Abang Station, Bambang stated that the effort to build an online motorbike seller there is still being processed.

“Tanah Abang again proceeds and that’s already started by the Governor, I’ll just back up,” said Bambang.