, SEMARANG – Primary taxi manager of the Cooperative Army (Primkopad) does not want to be blamed for the incident of passenger aircraft that was hit by a man who was considered a thug while using an online taxi, Blue Bird, at the Ahmad Yani Airport terminal in Semarang on Sunday (7/15 / 2018) afternoon.

A taxi supervisor of Semarang Ahmad Yani Airport from Primkopad, Pulut Hariyanto, assessed that the action of thugs suspected of being airport taxi drivers was carried out because he was furious to see the actions of the Blue Bird taxi driver who often grabbed passengers in the airport area. In fact, according to the rules that have been implemented by the airport management, online taxis and Blue Bird are allowed to operate only to reduce passengers.

“Blue Bird who came here should only drop the passengers. They can’t take passengers here. The rules are like that, “Pulut said when met by reporters in the terminal area of ​​Ahmad Yani Airport, Semarang on Monday (7/16/2018).

Pulut said that airport taxis or better known as Angkasa Pura taxis have long been the only land transportation operators in the Ahmad Yani Airport area.

Similar conditions apply, he said, when the operation of Ahmad Yani Airport was moved from the north side of Kalibanteng to the north side near the shoreline of Semarang.

“Even if there are people who ride the Blue Bird from here, that means it’s the person who deliberately grabs the passenger. There are some Blue Bird that I monitor containing passengers. But there are also those who don’t carry passengers. “It should be wrong and must be dealt with by airport officials,” explained the retired TNI AD.

Putut added that currently there are 140 taxi units owned by Primkopad operating at Ahmad Yani Airport in Semarang. The average taxi uses the latest Toyota Limo series vehicles.

In addition to Pulut, there is another supervisor in charge of monitoring the airport taxi movements. Both worked full time morning to night since the floating terminal operated in early June.

“There are only two airport taxi supervisors. We work 24 hours a day,” Pulut said.

Touched on the incident of a passenger who was hit by a man while taking a Blue Bird taxi, Pulut claimed he did not know anything. He also did not know if the news related to the incident had appeared on Facebook’s social media through posting @Nathalie Nathalie’s account.

“I don’t know. We also never carried out sweeping, both against visitors and illegal taxis at the airport. If there are passengers who take a taxi from outside the airport, it is usually the one who reprimands the security, “said Pulut.

Meanwhile, Angkasa Pura I’s Ahmad Yani Airport Communication and Legal Section Head, Dian Purnamasari said that there were only three official transportation services that were allowed to operate at Ahmad Yani Airport in Semarang. The three modes of transportation are Primkopad managed taxis, rental cars from Astrac and Blue Bird Group, and the Semarang City Government bus rapid transit (BRT).

“If passengers want to complain, please go to the customer service to submit a complaint. We will follow up,” explained Dian.