JAKARTA – Conditions Ichtirayul Jamil (21), Grabbike driver who was hit by an angkot driver initials SBH (22) on Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan, Tangerang City, is now getting better.

Jamil had been in a coma for 19 days after being hit by an angkot driven by SBH on Wednesday (8/3/2017) ago.

“Alhamdulillah my son has been aware of his coma since three days ago (Tuesday 27 March 2017),” said Ichsan, Jamil’s father, told Kompas.com, Thursday (30/3/2017).

Ichsan said, Jamil coma because of bleeding in the brain. Jamil was undergoing intensive care for 19 days at ICU RSPAD Gatot Subroto, Central Jakarta.

“Now he has already moved in Dokmil isolation,” said Ichsan.

Ichsan said, now Jamil can already be invited to communicate but still using sign language.

“I can communicate with sign language, I can not talk because it has breathing on my neck,” Ichsan said.

Regarding the cost, Ichsan said all Jamil treatment expenses are covered by BPJS Health. According to Ichsan, the management of Grabbike was willing to help financing Jamil care not covered by BPJS.

“The new nebus will be replaced later, Management (Grabbike) already give money to relieve the family of Rp 5 million,” said Ichsan.

Jamil is a D3 Accounting student at UMT since 2014. As a student, she also does a side job by being a GrabBike driver in Tangerang and surrounding areas.

SBH as the sole suspect Jamil arrested has been arrested Metro Police Tangerang since Thursday (9/3/2017). From his confession, SBH does not know Jamil.
As the incident progressed, Jamil appeared to be wearing a Grabbike jacket and helmet. He who stood on the edge of Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan directly hit by SBH who drive angkot with high speed.

When hit, Jamil bounced a few feet forward. In fact, from the video recorded on the scene, Jamil’s helmet was released due to the collision.

SBH claimed to hit Jamil because irritated with the existence of an online motorcycle taxi which is considered to reduce the income of public transportation drivers. On the same day as the hit-and-run incident, there is indeed a clash between angkot drivers and motorcycle taxis online in Tangerang.