TRIBUNLAMPUNG.CO.ID, BANDARLAMPUNG – Online transportation services business in Bandar Lampung City is being rocked by fictitious orders.

Online drivers, both for motorbikes and cars, are suspected of collaborating with passengers to commit fraudulent actions so they can reap “bonuses”, from Rp. 500 thousand to millions of rupiah.

From the information gathered by the Tribune from the field it is known, the driver cooperates with someone to make an order in order to reach the target points, so they can get incentives.

This order is indeed fictional because the occupants are not there and the online driver does not pick up or drop passengers.

Saf, not his real name, who was contacted by Tribune on Monday (9/24), from the fictitious order, the driver could meet the target points in a day to get incentives.

“A day I can collect 15 points or 15 draws. If it reaches 15 points, I get a bonus of Rp 180 thousand from the applicator. Well, that point I got from a fictitious order,” he said.

“My car just rolled around as if delivering passengers, even though there were no passengers,” he added. For fictitious orderers, he tips Rp. 5,000.

Decisive action

The phenomenon of this fictitious order seems to have long been monitored by two applicator companies, Go-Jek and Grab.

And, they have detected these fraudulent actions and taken action against many partners.

Gojek Center VP Corporate Communications Michael Reza explained, fraudulent actions such as fictitious or offic orders are serious problems that harm the driver’s partner who has worked hard and honestly.

“Our technology continues to detect the root causes of violence and we continue to give strict sanctions to anyone who is proven to carry out acts of violence,” he said on Tuesday (9/25).

As of June 2018, it has sanctioned hundreds of thousands of fictional order players, both drivers and customers.

“As the largest multi-service provider platform in Indonesia, we will continue to strive to improve our system, and continue to work with the authorities so that our partners can be comfortable working and customers get the best service,” he said.
According to him, the current system is better at identifying and handling offic, where 90% ofik has been successfully stopped before reaching the GoJek driver partner application.

“Our system detects that more than 80% ofik distribution is concentrated in certain areas and hours,

so we suspect that this action of intent is intentionally carried out by irresponsible parties who have a mission only to bring fictitious orders to the Go-Jek platform, “he explained.

Managing Director of Grab Indonesia Ridzki Kramadibrata, told in early 2018, said it could now detect fraudulent motorcycle taxi and taxi partners.

“The problem of ‘tuyul’ (fictitious orders), for technical detection, we cannot share in detail, right, part of our investigation with the police, but indeed our system is now able to identify if the partner plays or cheats,” he said.

According to him, Grab has a special application that can automatically detect partners who make fictitious orders.

“There is a special team to detect, we don’t see one by one manually, no, it’s automatic,” he said.

Work on Rewards

Saf, who spoke bluntly to the Tribune, opened the fraudulent modes carried out by drivers.

Among other things, doing fraudulent actions by chasing money from the reward program from the applicator.

“When the first order enters, the driver will get a minimum of Rp. 20 thousand from the reward program. The money automatically goes to our balance. Well, for the orderman we give him another 5,000 rupiah,” he explained.

To be safe, Saf said, the maximum driver receives only 20 fictitious orders a day, a combination of collecting points and utilizing rewards.

“Of the 20 fictitious orders, I can get Rp. 500,000 in cash. That is not yet added if the real car runs an online taxi or ojek.

If you want more than that can, but we have more than one account. Use our brother’s data for example. Now it can cost Rp. 1 million a day, “he said.

Have the drivers established a previous partnership with the fictional order actor?

Saf said, there was no need to cooperate. Because, there are certain areas that have become fictional orderers.

Like in the Enggal region, Telukbetung Barat, and many more.

“We just have to go around in those areas. Later when there is an order that enters us, we call him.

We ask, “shoot, bro.” If he answers “yes”, we go to him and give him Rp 5,000 thousand. Then we run the order, but the passenger doesn’t join, “he explained.

Chase Bonus

Another story comes from Feldi, not his real name. Other online taxi drivers say, the fictional order is known as “shoot”.

It is done in collaboration with people who have an online taxi service account.

“We ask for help from someone who knows, a friend or relative, or a fellow driver who has an account.

Then the passenger opens the application and orders to us. Our position with him is not too far away, so the order can enter us, “he explained.

After the order is received, he said, the driver then runs the car according to the destination ordered in the application. But the passenger did not participate.

“If we get a passenger shot, don’t come, sometimes we run it, don’t use a car, but use a motorbike. The important thing is the road application is according to the destination, usually the distance is not far away with a tariff of around Rp15 thousand,” he said.

He said, some drivers carried out these actions due to the lure of bonuses, because if they rely on passenger rates it is not comparable to operational costs.

“We are chasing the bonus. Because if we get 15 points, we have closed the points, the bonus is IDR 180 thousand, which means a day can be 15 times the order, but it is difficult.

A day can only get 6-7 passengers, so there are lots of fictional orders. But this is not all, there are many drivers who work really well, “he said.

Just like Saf, Feldi said, money coffers could also be obtained from rewards fired by passengers. However, to receive orders for this reward program, it is only limited to seven orders. Even then it must be interspersed with non-reward or cash orders. Because if not, then the driver can be suspended or blocked.

He added, the total online driver income for both incentives and reward programs is a maximum of Rp 320 thousand in one day for one account.

But usually drivers have more than one account, so their income can be many times, depending on how many accounts they have.

“Sometimes the driver’s account can not be one or two more, so the production can be a lot. Sometimes online driver accounts that have not been used are searched for, the market price is at least Rp. 500 thousand.

If my income is not necessarily IDR 500 thousand – IDR 700 thousand, it is also not clean, because there is a cut from the application, “said Feldi, who has three online-based transportation application accounts.

While Chandra, not his real name, admitted that they usually conduct active order activities at night, when real orders are quiet.

“Usually starting at 8-11 a night, it pursues points. If it’s above 12 o’clock that night to pursue reward,” he explained.

Chandra said, there were quite a number of locations that were often used as places to make Fikti order transactions. Like in the area of ​​Gedongmeneng, Kedaton, to Pahoman.

Orderers can get profit

Not only online drivers who gain profit from fictitious orders, the passengers are also sprayed with money.

Ilo, one of the fictitious order players said, with a capital of Rp 50 thousand-Rp 100 thousand and an Android cellphone, he can get a profit of Rp 1 million a day.

First, he will buy 1 starter pack containing 50 cards for IDR 50 thousand (not registered) or IDR 100 thousand (already registered).

The cards are used to register for the online transportation application as a passenger.

“Before registering an online account, first download the cloning application. So one cellphone can be tens to 500 accounts, depending on the capacity of the cellphone. If my cellphone can be 30 accounts,” he explained, Monday (9/24).

By opening a new account, he will get a reward of Rp. 40 thousand. That reward is used to shoot / order taxis or motorcycle taxis online.

When the shot can, the reward balance will be received by the driver and the driver will pay him IDR 5,000 per transaction.

For one account, you can order twice. If you have 50 accounts, you can order 100 times.

“Calculate the gross, Rp. 5,000 multiplied by 100 shots / order in a day, can get Rp. 500 thousand. If it’s crowded and our account is good, four hours, we can use” bullet “. That’s usually for motorbikes,” he said .