Daihatsu Sigra is one of the favorite cars used by online taxis. 7-seater LCGC has become a choice because of the toughness and economical fuel.

But in fact, not a few of the users in this transportation business were found to have overheated and strength lost.

“The problem that we often encounter is that a catalyst converter is blocked. This device then smokes which causes high heat which affects the engine and loss of power,” explained Budhy Santoso, Technical Service Division of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) when found in the test-event New Sigra drive in Bandung (11/10).

Daihatsu Sigra

“The majority are found in cars used as online taxis. Based on our investigation, this is caused by the use of fuel in the long run,” he continued. “Not a few users who use fuel with the octane number below that we have recommended is octane 92,” continued this friendly man.

Budhy said that the use of sub-standard octane would cause a compression on the catalytic converter unit. Because the exhaust gas is retained, it makes the tool smolder and performance will drop dramatically. “This problem is immediately resolved when the unit is replaced with a new one. In order not to recur, it is strongly recommended to obey using 92 octane gasoline,” he continued.

Actually there is another way, which is to rip the catalytic converter or even eliminate it. But this method is not recommended at all. “The impact will directly affect the increase in emissions. And of course if tested the emissions will not pass,” he concluded.

In addition to Sigra, the Granmax model used for public transport was recorded to experience similar conditions with the same cause.