, BATAM – Responding to the online taxi licensing polemic in Batam City, dozens of online driver communities met the Acting Governor of Riau, Isdianto, Wednesday (10/16/2019) afternoon.

Located on the 5th floor of the Graha Kepri Building, Batam City, this meeting can be held due to the ‘cold hand’ of a Soerya Respationo or familiarly called Romo.

Several times the emcee expressed his gratitude to Romo for bringing them together with Isdianto.

“Thank you, Romo, for facilitating us to meet the governor,” said the announcer before starting the agenda for the meeting.

In this meeting, dozens of online taxi drivers in Batam City complained due to problems that occurred related to licensing online taxis in Batam City had not yet received a bright spot.

As told by one representative of the online driver community, Marwan.

“Because it’s always noisy, it’s not only us who are complained. The investors are complaining, tourists are complaining, “he said when delivering a bit of steam to represent the other online taxi drivers.

According to him, speaking of clarity regarding online taxi operating licenses in Batam City must be able to be hastened.

Because, according to him, before many other negative impacts that occur due to dispute online taxis and conventional taxis.

“This is our money, why we can’t choose the mode of transportation we will use. What foreign tourists say so. Not to mention, this complaint has long been buried by online taxi drivers in Batam City, “continued Marwan.

Some of the other drivers also conveyed other problems regarding the red zone.

They agreed that the red zone is very detrimental to many online taxi drivers in the city of Batam.

Especially according to one of these representatives, red zone is against the existing regulations. observation, this meeting was also attended by Soerya Respationo, Jumaga Nadeak, Jamhur Ismail, Putra Respati, and other relevant agencies.