, Banjarbaru – South Kalimantan Province’s One-Stop Service and Investment Service (DPMPSP) noted that four cooperatives have registered the operation of an online taxi fleet for Zone I which covers Banjarmasin City, Banjarbaru City, Banjar Regency, Tanah Laut Regency, and Barito Kuala Regency .

According to the Head of Transportation Facility Licensing and PURR at the South Kalimantan DPMPSP, Mulyadi, the four cooperatives consisted of Koperasi Wengga, Citra Abadi, Borneo Putra Utama, and the South Kalimantan Regional Police Cooperative Center (Pusko Polda). Mulyadi said the Wengga Cooperative consists of 27 units of car fleets that serve online transportation in Banjarbaru City.

The other three cooperatives serve online transportation in the city of Banjarmasin. In addition to Wengga, the Citra Abadi Cooperative has 97 car units, the Borneo Putra Utama Cooperative has 68 units of cars, and the Polda Pusko is in charge of 400 cars. “At most the Polda Police Center. “The Banjarmasin quota is 570 units, Banjarbaru City has 100 units, and Banjar Regency has a quota of 65 online fleet units ,” Mulyadi told, Tuesday (10/4).

He said that business entities and cooperatives that want to register online transportation services must fulfill 12 requirements, including legal entities, attach SIUP, NPWP, and agreement letters from cooperative members. It still opens registration until the quota of each zone is fulfilled. “We still accept registration until the quota is fulfilled,” Mulyadi said.

The Governor of South Kalimantan has issued Pergub Number 6 of 2018 concerning the Implementation of Special Rental Transportation Using Information Technology-Based Applications ( online ). The regulation stipulates an online taxi quota that operates in South Kalimantan as many as 938 fleet units in three zones.

The three zones consist of zone I which includes Banjarbakula (Banjarmasin, Banjarbaru, Banjar, Tanah Laut, and Barito Kuala), Zone II enters the Banua Enam area, and Zone III covers Tanah Bumbu Regency-Kotabaru Regency.

“I memorized only zone III with only 60 units of quota, 30 units of Tanah Bumbu Regency and 30 units of Kotabaru,” Mulyadi said.

Determination of the upper and lower limit tariffs is also regulated in the Director General of Land Transportation Regulation at the Ministry of Transportation. For a lower limit of IDR 3,700 per kilometer and an upper limit of IDR 6,500 per kilometer. (Diananta)