MAKASSAR – South Sulawesi Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) in a hearing on Thursday afternoon agreed on the amount of online taxi tariff increase to Rp 6,500 per first 3 kilometers. This decision has been approved by the governor and has been recommended to the Ministry of Transportation.

“We are just waiting for the Transportation Ministry to decide that.
We estimate about a month there will be results. If there isn’t, then the governor is asked to take steps, “explained Chairman of South Sulawesi DPRD Commission D, John Rende Mangontan.

This afternoon’s hearing was attended by online taxi applicators, online drivers, transportation agencies and related institutions. John said, the interim provincial government was writing to the Ministry of Transportation to take the best steps for these drivers.

“The agreement is in the actual process and the governor’s secretary has signed and the rest is taken to the Ministry of Transportation to take a ministerial decree (Kepmen) itself regarding the tariff from online drivers is 6,500 for the first 3 kilometers,” he explained.

According to John, in this meeting also, it was agreed at least about a month, that the decision of the transportation ministry is expected to be ready. Even if it is too late, the provincial government must take the next step.

“We will prepare about the governor regulation, so this regulation will be supported by the Regional People’s Representative Council, and maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will meet with the leadership of the Regional People’s Representative Council, so that there will be a strengthening of the regulation, so as to anticipate the delay of this ministerial decision, “said John.

He added, the drivers would be opened more space in terms of providing a guarantee of welfare to them so that the Regional People’s Representative Council and the transportation department will establish good communication.

For example, said John, the Regional House of Representatives will communicate with the labor department, because according to information until now, they have not been included in the category of labor groups, even though these drivers must also be protected.

“So that today the House of Representatives made a decision that the Transportation Office and the House of Representatives will encourage drivers to enter part of the workforce, so they will be protected,” he said.

In addition to the matter of status in the workforce, the Regional Representative Council will further communicate together with Jasa Raharja as a state-owned insurance company, so that they are also registered.

“After we got some information from Jasa Raharja, apparently these driver groups or online taxis were only around 100 more registered at Jasa Raharja. What about the safety of the passengers in the future if for example there are things that are not desirable, it means we must build a good communication system with Jasa Raharja, “he concluded