RAKYATKU.COM, MAKASSAR – South Sulawesi Transportation Agency is conducting a socialization of Ministerial Regulation (PM) Number 118 of 2018 concerning the Implementation of Special Rental Transportation or online taxis.

The Head of the Traffic Sector of the Transportation Service of the South Sulawesi Province, Hendra Tenri Tata said, this socialization had begun on March 6, 2019 at several regions in Makassar such as Jalan Ratulangi, Boulevard, and Hertasning.

“This is just a form of socialization, there is no repression, we in this area encourage PM 118 to be enforced,” Hendra said on Thursday (03/07/2019).

According to him, the sweeping was carried out to follow up on the letter from the Director General of Land Transportation, related to Special Rental Transportation (ASK) or online taxis with legal entities, as well as inspection of public vehicle letters such as vehicle registration and driver’s license.
Meanwhile, he said, a statement signed by each taxi driver online during a raid, only as a statement to follow the rules in PM 118.

“We conducted a socialization to remind this, last month there was a socialization at the hotel, then there was a legal letter that we sent to the applicator, and yesterday we were directly socializing in the field. The form was socialization and there was no action,” he said again.
PM 118 in 2018 itself is currently still in the socialization stage after it was officially published in December 2018. The plan, this regulation will be applied in June 2019.

“We hope that all online taxis will submit to and comply with the PM 118, because that is the case now,” he concluded.