Jakarta – South Tangerang District Police succeeded in arresting 3 car thieves online taxi driver Yulianto alias Mancung. This robbery case occurred in Cisauk, South Tangerang.

“The item stolen was in the form of a unit of Daihatsu Xenia police number F 1327 RP in White in 2018 in the name of Susanny, and a unit of xiaomi 4A mobile phone,” said South Tangerang Police Chief AKBP Ferdy Irawan during a press conference at the South Tangerang Police Station on Monday (3 / 12/2018).

This theft case began when Abdullah (33), Kamaludin Nopiansyah (19), Imamudin (24) ordered an online taxi. Mancung, who received the order of 3 people, picked them up in the Bogor area to Bintaro Xchange.

When they arrived at Cisauk, the three suspects asked the victim to stop the car and hand over the car to three suspects. At that time Mancung tried to escape, but was threatened by the three suspects using sharp weapons.

After taking Mancung’s car and cellphone, the three perpetrators immediately tied Mancung using a rope and covered the victim’s mouth using duct tape, then threw Mancung into a roadside ditch. The three people were said to intend to sell the car, but instead they put the car on the side of the road so that it was easily known by the police.

“The car was just put on the side of the road. The reason was that the three suspects were frightened so that the car was left and they each ran and hid in their respective hiding places,” he said.

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After getting a report from the victim, the South Tangerang Police Criminal Investigation Team and Cisauk District Police Criminal Investigation Unit immediately rushed to look for the three perpetrators by asking for information from the victim who mentioned the characteristics of the three suspects as well as witnesses at the scene. Finally, the police managed to find a car in Sukabumi on Thursday (29/11), the three perpetrators were also arrested in Sukabumi, West Java on Friday (30/11).

“One unit of the Daihatsu Xenia White was found at the Plantation in Bojong Genteng, Sukabumi Regency. After that, the vipers team managed to secure Imamudinn, Abdullah at the Desa Pasir Angin Chicken Farm, Sukabumi and Kamaludin secured on Jalan Raya Parung Kuda, Sukabumi, “Fred said.

The evidence found from one suspect is the victim’s car key, vehicle registration, car number plate. Besides that, the evidence that was also secured by the police was one knife with a black wooden handle, one black cellphone, one nokia brand handphone, and also the clothes belonging to the suspect when committing a crime.

For this case, the three perpetrators were named as suspects. They were charged under Article 365 of the Criminal Code concerning Crime of Theft with Violence with a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison.