Anarchist action by taxi drivers and bajaj on the capital protocol road seems unexpectedly the police. Moreover, the demonstration that they do by closing the highway and sweeping has violated the agreement.

“The coordination result of that night promised not to close Semanggi road, but in fact it was closed,” said Traffic Director AKBP Valentino Alfa Tatareda when met at at Semanggi Bridge, South Jakarta, Tuesday (22/3).

Although anarchy took place, but the police quickly acted and managed to defuse the tension in the streets. Because, Polda Metro has spread a number of personnel to the points prone.

“That’s right we tell the way right and we keep the areas that their plans, they are very cooperative,” he said.

For the action, Valentino has ordered his side to do traffic engineering. One of them by applying contra flow system.

“We have contra flow we make, this function is so as not to make the road closed.For example of the State Palace let me not jammed,” he said.

Valentino confirmed, if it was ready to secure during the demo action took place.

“We see the situation how, essentially troops from the police are ready to overcome it,” he concluded.