TRIBUNNEWS.COM, SURABAYA – Female. Aged and Housewife. The stigma of women as housewives apparently not applicable to Sawitri Dharmastuti. At the age of fifty, Sawitri is still determined to seek her fortune as a GrabCar driver partner.

“I see many heads of households, fathers who work as drivers and make it as their livelihoods. From there I start to think, that profession can make a living. Then I think about it again, is a woman can do that ?, “she explained.

Moreover, as a single parent for three children, Sawitri requires a double role. As a mother and father of her children, which also means being responsible for the needs of her family.

“From there, my mind was truly open, that women can also make a living by becoming a driver partner,” she said.

After Sawitri made up her mind, it seems that her heart had to recoil when she remembered that she was no longer young. But that did not last long, for the sake of his children’s future, Sawitri nurtured his enthusiasm.

“At first, I wondered if women were as strong as men. Moreover, if driving for a long time,” she said.

Sawitri finally learned. She decided to rent a car as her main tool for work. One month passed, only dared to take just one passenger. There is even a funny story behind her success in delivering her first passenger.

“I remembered that very well, my first passenger was a student. At first I was afraid. But I always try to tell myself, just pick up, then deliver to the destination, and receive the money. and finish it. But when I finished the trip and got the money, I was very happy. Then I went straight home and told my children, “she recalls.

Now Sawitri is able to take nine trips in a day. In fact, she never reached 22 trips in one day. This number is the highest number of trips. “It left at 6 in the morning and finished at 10 in the evening,” she said.

Currently, Sawitri usually starts picking up passengers after taking her three children to school and going home to adjust their children’s school hours. “I am also happy because this job is flexible. So I can adjust to my other activities. I can still carry out my obligation to earn a living at the same time but carry out my obligations as a parent,” she added.

But at this time, Sawitri did not have a specific target, how many trips she would take in one day. This is because the conditions must prioritize her children.

“Because sometimes children call, asking me to go home. Yes, I have to go home. It is also difficult if the children are at home, sometimes it is hard to leave,” she added.

Sawitri was grateful, her children also became more independent. But no less important, after joining as a GrabCar driver partner, made her to be more open.

Previously, Sawitri was a housewife, until she divorced with her husband and this made him shut down. A change in her status automatically changes her role.

“I never worked, but now I have to work. But fortunately, since I was a teenager, I really liked spending time just driving down the streets.
“My family also trusts me to drive when traveling,” he said.

Now Sawitri only hopes that she will be even stronger, especially in physical matters. “Hopefully it will be smoother at least until my three children” perform “,” he concluded.