Frikal, taxi driver online which was stripped at Adisutjipto Airport, Yogyakarta, finally opened its voice. He admitted that the perpetrators who harassed themselves amounted to one person.

“The actors of one person in civilian clothes,” said the taxi driver online in Yogyakarta, Wednesday (21/06/2017).

Only, he can not be sure the perpetrators are airport taxi drivers or security guards. Frikal also can not confirm the existence of security officers when the harassment occurred. However, he was taken to the Intel AU POM room and told to sign a statement.

“Before I also apologized repeatedly and willing to be processed according to the procedure So when I was told I signed it was part of the procedure,” said Frikal.

When about to sign a statement, the officers who are harassing it also exist in the room POM Intel AU, even asking money Rp 100,000 to buy the seal. However, Frikal only carry money Rp 11,000 in his wallet. Sopir taksi online it also took the money in automated teller machines or ATMs. When signing, the seal in question does not exist.