Many people who know that being an online taxi driver will earn substantial income. The lure of earnings with this high nominal that makes a lot of people rolled up to register as an online taxi partner. Even based on the survey, partners from Uber partners can reach Rp. 16,000,000 per month. It is a great income, although this value certainly can’t be obtained by everyone, but the results of the survey prove that being an online taxi partner is quite promising.

As an employee, you have to work in the office for at least 8 hours every day. Even if there is important work and should be completed then you will certainly be overtime in the office. Many the officers who feel bored and depressed to have to experience stress because of the monotonous work. This fact is very contrary to the working system as an online taxi partner. As a partner or driver, you will not be forced to work every day. Work at will, without a stifling schedule of days, and certainly not bound. As an online partner or taxi driver, you can freely enable or disable the driver application. So essentially do this job as you please and you will get a definite result according to what you do. Based on the outstanding information, payments to online taxi partners are paid weekly via direct deposit. This system is certainly more secure and certainly quite easy when compared with the monthly payment. It is possible that the value of accumulation for a month will be more than weekly. But the many human needs every day would be more easily covered if getting a weekly payment.

This one system is not only useful for online taxi partners but also for passengers. You as an online taxi partner can know exactly what the rate for each trip is taken. In addition you can also easily make calculations on how much income for one day. Real time tariffs also reduce the risk of fraud charges for passengers. Passengers will feel safe not only in terms of payment but also feel safe when driving a taxi. With this secure system, so more and more people prefer to use taxis online than conventional taxis. In other words, you as an online taxi partner can easily get passengers every day.

So let’s join as a online taxi driver in Frasindo Rent and get the benefits.