The blue bird taxi driver who screwed into a foreign man in Senayan, Jakarta, is probably now the most famous driver. Her video is angry with a simple English sentence, coupled with the Indonesian language, is widespread in cyberspace.

“This is Indonesia you know. This one Indonesia, no England, no USA, “he said to the Caucasians wearing the embassy CD embassy 18 142.

It is not known when this video was taken, allegedly last week. Who took the video, the drivers ojek online that hung in the Senayan area.

The driver’s words to the Caucasian are tough. Even the last words in the video are very inappropriate.
The video recording, finally reached the Blue Bird who immediately did the tracking. Blue Bird then gave a statement to reporters.

Blue Bird apologizes for the driver’s attitude that is inconsistent with the Blue Bird service culture. When the event occurred, Blue Bird has solved the problem through management and also the police on duty at the site.

“The problem can be solved well and kinship. The driver has been requested further information and given sanctions according to the rules, “the statement Blue Bird.