SOLO – Local taxi companies began to rush to submit changes to operational licenses from yellow plates to black plates. This reaction came after the Supreme Court overturned a number of points in the Minister of Transportation Regulation (Permemhub) Number 108 107, because it was considered detrimental to the yellow plate transport manager.

General Manager of PT Gelora Taksi Solo, Taka Ditya, confirmed that a number of local taxi entrepreneurs had begun to make changes to the permit. Including the taxi company he leads. According to him, the changes and debates of Permenhub 108 often confuse yellow plate taxi entrepreneurs. Moreover, the Supreme Court’s ruling freed a number of rules that were formed regarding the standardization of special rental transport. In his opinion, rather than regulations seeming to go back and forth, it is better for online taxis to be included in existing regulations so that they are more established and avoid legal uncertainty.

“The change from the yellow plate to the black plate is a form of market adjustment with unstable market conditions. Because the market is over supply so it’s saturated, “he said.

Therefore, continued Taka, there needs to be an adjustment in the number of units in the field so that existing units can continue to serve the community. In addition, the absence of legal certainty has made the investment and funding climate even more sluggish. Entrepreneurs now have to think long about rejuvenating the fleet or adding operational units …

He said that there were not many changes to the plate in his company, unlike other companies that had made changes earlier. Until now, the taxi fleet that has changed is only five units and can increase over time.

“Operating costs per month have reached Rp. 6 million for each unit. Not to mention the licensing tax in the province can be Rp. 3-4 million per year. So it needs adjustments, “complained Taka.

Head of the Transportation Department of the City of Surakarta Transportation Agency, Taufiq Muhammad, said that the cancellation of the candy annulled all previous efforts. What was attempted some time ago there has not been a result until the Supreme Court’s decision comes out. “The special rental rules are the characteristics as stated in Permenhub 108,” he said.

Among the rules, such as door-to-door transportation, the tariff is determined through a meter or application. The vehicle uses a passenger car or sedan with a black plate but must have a special style. Companies must be legal entities and must carry out SRUT, and others. “Well, that rule was canceled by the Supreme Court yesterday,” Taufiq explained.

The impact of the cancellation of the 14 articles, Taufiq said, made the yellow plate taxi company begin to apply for changes in permits from the yellow plate to the black plate. This phenomenon almost occurs every day and to this day there are 60 units of yellow plate taxis that are turned into black plates.

“The impact is that many taxis are blacked out. Almost every day someone submits a change of permit like this. And it is very possible to grow more in the future, “Taufiq explained.

With this, it can be said that the number of local taxis in Solo which previously reached 800 units in 2015 is now reduced to 740 units. The party was not surprised by this phenomenon, given the efforts made by the provincial government in quota restrictions a few months ago also had not yielded results. This is of course because the local taxi companies see that there are many conveniences that the black-plate taxi has while it is not the case with the yellow plate taxi.

“We do not know whether the diplomas will be transferred to online or something. What is clear, their complaints because the current operations are not comparable with income considering the decline in public interest in yellow plate taxis, “explained Taufiq.

Nevertheless, even though the Supreme Court has annulled a number of articles in Permenhub 108, the government does not immediately cancel its implementation in the field. Until the Ministry of Transportation is able to draft new regulations again.

“Yes, we just wait for the results. What is clear is that it would be better if the application of this online taxi has regulations that can provide legal certainty, “concluded the Head of the Surakarta City Transportation Office, Hari Prihatno.