A photo of a supposed alleged creature captured by an online motorcycle driver.

Photonya viral in the social media on Facebook and Twitter.

The experience was experienced by an online motorcycle driver who then distributed in Group Drivers Jabodetabek widget !!!!.

According to him, this incident occurred in Ciledug precisely Taman Mangu, South Tangerang.

The ojol driver just dropped its passengers.

On his way home, he sees a child standing in front of a house.


But the driver said it was impossible if it was a small child.

Moreover, the house was empty, dark and the ceiling was destroyed.

The appearance of a white figure was clearly visible in the position of the little boy was standing, after the motor lights highlighted.


“It’s up to believe or not, this is in Ciledug, precisely Taman Mangu, South Tangerang.

Abis nurunin cs eh meet the special
Foti first explanation = ga maybe it’s a small child, the house in front of it EMPTY GELAO, PLAFON RUINED. ”

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Spooky story
Capture the post was uploaded Twitter account @KakakElmo, Tuesday (26/12/2017).

“I share it this afternoon aja …
a real scary bastard

From a child, changed …, “chirping @KakakElmo.

Some netizens also revealed a shudder to see the sightings even in the daytime.

@KakakElmo: Yes pli but lu zoom dah, it’s a little boy, fit in the light of the far light .. taraaaaaa … changed.

@girlteenxx: Allahuuuu, I really go along “an yaaa.

@evamustikarn: Ih really scary

@jnessy_: Honestly so I copas photos loe to photoshop for dicrop hairy hair I immediately shudder when it’s still noon and my place is still crowded. ga kebayang klo bener gw yg so that driver ..

@dpramartia: the first one is his little boy again stands normal, the second fitting highlighted the light away he glare nutupin face pake right hand ga hell? just bounce the light so it looks so kinclong white. (*)

Source Tribuntechno.com