SURYAMALANG.COM, SIDOARJO – Sutanto, a resident of Jalan Pahlawan Sidoarjo, changed the Toyota Calya car that he used for online taxis to be like a private karaoke room.

When met on Thursday (11/07/2019), the car was no different from the other cars.

But when we look inside, it is immediately greeted by a mini-sized disco ball mounted on the car. Not only that, there are also two mics for passenger karaoke and various soft foods and drinks.

Sutanto said, the idea of ​​making karaoke in the car is actually solely for his hobby of karaoke.

“And it turns out that passengers welcomed positively. And now they are more comfortable riding with my car, there are also passengers who are lazy to get out of the car,” he said.

Meanwhile, a passenger, Luluk, said he was happy to be able to ride an online taxi car that was changed to resemble karaoke.” It is unique and very interested because in my opinion it’s something new. So it doesn’t feel like an online taxi, and suddenly we just arrived at ours destination, “he said.

The same thing was also expressed by other passengers, Fransiska Indri. she admitted that it’s nice to be able to enjoy the traffic jam while she’s karaoke.

“Not bad can reduce boredom while waiting for congestion on the road. Moreover, many of my favorite songs,” he said.