SWPLUG Leading WordPress Payment Plugin for Stellar Blockchain, the intelligent solution to online payments, now support and accept FRAS and PEDITY as payment options, this is a nice feature that can be embed-ed to wordpress online store and start accepting FRAS cryptocurrency as payment. From their website http://swplug.com at the announcement from https://medium.com/swplug/swplug-plus-v1-1-0-changelog-e8946ebe4848, Both FRAS and PEDITY are new assets released on Stellar Blockchain in which a projects with promising futures.
The PEDITY (pedity.com) is a substitude of Steem for stellar blockchain
The FRASINDO FRAS (frasindo.com) is focussing on Crypto Taxi and StartUp Development(Incubator)
Both focus on Real Life Use Cases of Blockchain Industry, in which could help crypto inclusion for the crypto newcomers, and help educate new people to understand what is the usage of cryptocurrency, is easy an inexpensive also how to be an entrepreneur, and how to be productive while doing hobbies.