PROKAL.CO, PONTIANAK – Polemic route zones between conventional and online transportation in Pontianak City still occur. The polemic had ended with interception, even destruction.

The People of West Kalimantan reported, Wednesday (12/12), an online taxi driver named Teddi Sukmajaya, received unpleasant treatment. The glass of the car was broken by someone who claimed to be an airport motorcycle taxi. The incident was when Teddi took passenger orders on the exit from Pontianak International Supadio Airport in Kubu Raya. Not only that, this 24-year-old youth was also intimidated.

“There were three people who came to him. At the time of the incident, he could only record the actions of the perpetrators. After that, the incident was reported to Pontianak Police,” said Pontianak Online Transportation Driver Coordinator Abah Siswono on Thursday (12/13).

The unpleasant treatment experienced by Teddi is thought to be the aftermath of the rules of the online transportation driver operation zone in the airport area. Because, the incident occurred when Teddi was after taking passengers and returned to get orders in the application in the airport area. “But the order, he picked up outside the airport area. Precisely not far from the KP3U Police Station (Supadio Regional Police Station, red),” he said.

Meanwhile, Teddi when confirmed confirmed the incident. But unfortunately, he has not been able to tell the chronological details of the events he experienced. “Yes, the incident was true,” he said briefly through a WhatsApp message.

When asked to be interviewed directly, Teddi claimed he was not ready. The reason is because he is still busy. However, in the police report file, the native Singkawang explained that he was intercepted and told to go down by the unknown person. Because he didn’t want to, Teddi’s windshield was broken. Hit with bare hands twice. The incident of the windshield destruction and intimidation experienced by Teddi then reaped a sympathetic reaction from other fellow Pontianak online transportation drivers.

Thursday (13/12) afternoon, more than ten driver representatives who were still commanded by Abah Siswono, went to Pontianak Police. They held hearings and questioned the limits of the legal zone to pick up passengers at the airport. In addition, they also questioned the handling of reports of violence that had been delivered by his colleague.

The mediation process was led by Pontianak Waka Polresta and did not last long. Because they were directed to the Supadio Airport Police Station so that they could get clear information about the rules of transportation in the airport area. “The results of the audience at the airport, we may not pick up passengers using the application at the airport pick-up point,” Abah continued.

As Pontianak’s online driver coordinator, this 50-year-old man stated that he accepted the rules. “We have agreed to the rules,” he stressed.

However, he hopes that violent intimidation of online transportation drivers for whatever reason may not occur again. Therefore, he asked the police to arrest the perpetrators who had broken Teddi’s windshield. “We will oversee this report,” he said. In addition, he hopes the local government will respond to the polemic of the operating zone for online transportation driver workers in Pontianak to be cleared.

“Our big hope is that the government makes a legal and regulatory umbrella that regulates online transportation. So that we are calm in our work. And there is no more polemic between conventional taxis, hotel taxis and other taxis,” he hoped. According to him, the driver of online transportation has actually received an operational permit from the application provider. But, until now, there are still certain places that limit their movements.

“In addition to the airport, there are two hotels in Pontianak that prohibit us from picking up. Namely, Mercure and Ibis. But, we will visit the management, questioning the reasons and basically prohibiting us,” he said.

He stressed that the restrictions made by certain parties actually did not have a major impact on the approach of online transportation drivers. “It is precisely the people who are harmed. Because they are honestly recognized, online taxis are very much needed by the community. Because, in terms of convenience, speed and price, it is very helpful,” he concluded.

In a separate place, the Airport Taxi Supervisor, coordinated by the Primkopau Cooperative (Primary Air Force Cooperative), Satria said, his party had conducted a mediation process with the online taxi drivers running well. “They are carrying out peaceful actions, very good and a sense of kinship,” he said.

According to him, all have agreed that the things that are mutually harmful have been given a solution. Where if indeed there is a directional process of crime, then the follow-up is legally. In essence, for other matters between the two parties there were no more problems after the mediation. “If the agreement is written yet, but we are in the early stages. We understand and respect each other,” he concluded.

In a separate place, Pontianak Police Criminal Investigation Committee, Iptu Muhammad Resky Rizal said, the victim had made an official report to the police. At present, he said, the report is being followed up. “At present, we are still investigating,” he said.

Therefore, Rizal also stated that he had not been able to explain in detail the motives of the perpetrators to destroy the victim’s windshield. “Just wait, we’re still in it first,” he said firmly. For your information, long before the actions that were not worn were also experienced by a citizen at the airport. In a viral video on social media, there was a woman going berserk at Supadio Airport.

The video was first uploaded by Ariief Budiiman’s Facebook account. Captioned ‘Singe is opposed !! Location of Supadio Pontianak Airport ‘. The post was uploaded on November 9, 2018. Until Thursday (12/13) night, the video was distributed 2,359 times.

In the 2-minute 44-second video, a woman protested to airport officials who arranged and managed taxis. This woman protested when she was driving a car and was intercepted by someone claiming to be named Udin, in the airport area.

After intercepting, Udin called asking whether a woman was an online driver or not. “This is what the organization is, sir. Please explain to me. This is the problem. At this rate. Who is this organization? Obviously. Is this a taxi or an airport? Explain, come on. I’m fine recording,” the woman asked a number of officers at the airport. , like in this viral video.

Then, a man dressed in a white shirt with a black vest and inscribed with Supadio International Airport officials claimed that he was an officer in charge of taxis under the auspices of the Primkopau Cooperative.

“I am a Primkopau taxi officer. Maybe here there are motorcycle taxis. Here we are dealing with (transportation) online,” he said.

Before the officer explained at length, a woman in the video then cut talk. The woman then questioned the matter being intercepted by someone claiming to be named Udin.

“I do not want to extend it (online transportation rules). This is my live broadcast (live FB). Then what I want to ask is whether any car that wants to pick up is intercepted? This needs an explanation,” the mother asked.

Then the officer answered. “Not really ma’am,” Not long after his explanation, the woman again asked about why she wanted to pick up her child but instead was intercepted and thought to be an online transportation driver. “Then why am I being intercepted. Just now. Who is Udin. What’s his name,” said the woman.

The boatman, assisted by his colleague, confirmed that the intercepting was not a taxi under the auspices of the Primkopau Cooperative. “I don’t know. It must be someone here (airport taxi). The time I was intercepted was asked ‘Did I pick up passengers online?’. I picked up my son, who was called an online driver. You see my car,” said the woman. Hearing the protest, officers advised the mother to show who was the one who intercepted it. To be immediately reported to airport officials.

“Where do I know the person, I’m not a thug here. You guys here were busy. If he wasn’t an airport taxi, surely that person wouldn’t be prevented. This must be this plot,” said the woman.

The clerk insisted that there was no driver or airport taxi officer named Udin. “I don’t know. Now like this, if he is not from the airport taxi, he can’t be prevented. What is the element? Is my car stolen? Then he ran around here,” continued the woman. In this video, it appears that airport taxi officers are out of words. The atmosphere around was silent as if no one dared to argue with the woman.

A member of the TNI in camouflage uniforms who had been silent just to hear then gave advice to the company to explain.

“This is an impolite way to intercept. I was intercepted, why. I thought I was deflated. Apparently I was asked ‘Are you online?’,” Said the woman irritably. Not a few of them commented in support of the woman’s actions.