The vacation make us not stressed and saturated that because of monotonous work activities. But sometimes the work time that cause it difficult to arrange a holiday schedule. Actually in Jakarta and the surrounding areas, there are also many cool places and cool photogenic spots

  1. PIK Mangrove Forest

You can breathe the fresh air in the middle of PIK Mangrove Forest. The visitors can also rent villas and photos hunting. If you want to see the green view after a bored week facing on the computer screen, this place is very perfect. The location of forest is in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta. Besides you can freshen up with fresh air of green trees, visitors can also feel the sensation of staying in nature by rent a villa.

  1. Hauwke’s Auto Gallery Jakarta

If you want to take pictures with the collection of old cars in Jakarta, there is a spot that has a collection of 90 units of antique cars with a span of time starting from 1908-1958. Besides you can spoil your eyes, you can also get the great photos here.

  1. Graffiti Restaurant

Holidays do not always have to be outdoors, but can also enjoy the weekend by eating with loved ones in Graffiti Restaurant. This restaurant is not only able to eat and drink alone, but you can also make great photos selfie. There are many beautiful graffiti paintings in the corners of the restaurant that can be used as background images. Your weekend will be colorful.

  1. Yesterday Lounge

Yesterday Lounge can be a unique cafe choice for the weekend. Besides it is photogenic, this cafe is very unique. Created with the broadway themes .

  1. Kalijodo

In fact, Kalijodo has turned into a fun place to hang out and photo hunting. Besides the street has become a skateboard area, there are also have the walls that have been painted murals. Beautiful and very photogenic.

  1. Sunda Kelapa

In Sunda Kelapa, you can hunt a great sunset’s photo. Especially if you take the sunset’s angle between the fishing boats, you can get more beautiful photo.

  1. Srengseng City Forest

Srengseng City Forest is one of the forests in West Jakarta. Take the pictures here makes you feel like you are exploring an unfamiliar jungle.

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