TRIBUNNEWS.COM TANGERANG – Tragic fate that befell an online taxi driver in Tangerang.

The victim was brutally robbed by herdsmen in Alam Sutera, Cipondoh, Tangerang City.

This incident began when the driver took an order from Harmoni, Jakarta to Alam Sutera.

When the passenger is picked up by the victim, there are more than one person.

One person is sitting in front of the car. And the others are behind.

After the Alam Sutera Exit Tol, passengers asked to stop. When the driver wants to see and complete the application on his cellphone, suddenly from behind a passenger traps the victim’s neck.

These online taxi drivers are snared using objects such as wire.

While trying to hold the trap with his fingers, the victim gets a threat from the perpetrator.

Finally the steering wheel was taken over by one of the perpetrators. The driver was held captive by them using duct tape and rope on the way.

“The new victim made a report to us around 23:00 last night,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit Polrestro Tangerang, AKBP Deddy Supriyadi, told the City News on Wednesday (06/13/2018).

Thrown into Cianjur

Online taxi drivers who are victims of this robbery endure pain.

During the trip, he was held captive and had been snared by the perpetrators, then thrown away.

The victim was dumped in the Cianjur area, West Java. The perpetrator managed to steal the victim’s car.

The online taxi driver was fortunately rescued by local residents. He reported this incident to the police of the Cianjur area.

Then the driver was directed to report to the Cipondoh police station, Tangerang with a cover letter. Because the crime scene is in Tangerang.

A number of items of evidence were also brought by victims. Like rope, duct tape, and traces of snares.

Apart from successfully escaping the car, the perpetrators also seized the victim’s cellphone. The police are currently investigating the case.

“We are still in the middle and under investigation,” said Deddy.