Director General of Land Transportation, Ministry of Transportation, conducts focus group discussion (FGD) together with several stakeholders. The FGD was conducted in connection with the Supreme Court Decision which revoked 14 points in the Permenhub on the online taxi or the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation Number 26 Year 2017 on the Implementation of the Transport of Persons with General Motor Vehicles Not in the Route.

In the discussion, Chairman of the Online Driver Association (ADO) Christian Wagey said he objected to the Supreme Court’s decision to lift the 14 points. He considered there was an element of interest that caused the verdict to arise.
“We suspect, there is an interest behind all this. Actually the substance chapters that we submitted last October 3. It was revoked MA, “explained Christian, at the Hotel Alila, Gambir, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (5/9).

The substance in question is related to the revocation of rules regarding tariffs and quotas. According to him, the elimination of the rules about the tariffs and online taxis quota actually hurt the driver online itself.
“Company policy is very unfavorable offender (driver). Regarding (retraction) tariffs, quotas, it is very harmful to us, “he continued.

He explained that regulation on quota arrangement is necessary. Because, if there are no clear rules, the number of online taxis will increase, and it is detrimental to the online drivers themselves because it has many rivals.

“Please ask with drivers who have worked since last year, surely his income changed. Because the victims are business actors, especially individuals (drivers), “he continued.
Previously, one of the two points that the Supreme Court revoked in Ministerial Decree 26 of 2017 was about article 20 and 21 regarding tariffs and quotas. This marks no longer the limitation of online transportation car quotas that previously could be regulated by the Directorate General, Head of the Agency, or the local Governor and regularly evaluated each year.

In addition to Christian, the discussion was attended by six panelists namely Head of Directorate of Transportation and Multimoda Cucu Mulyana, Head of Transportation Division of Dishub Jakarta Masdes, representative of Indonesian Transportation Society (MTI) Darmaningtyas, Secretary General of DPP Organda Ateng Aryono, and Chairman of PPRI Ponco Cooperative.