Frasindo Rent is a car rental partner company with the priority of working with online taxis like Uber, Go-Car and Grab Car. Rules in Frasindo Rent rules set by the government. There are many advantages to being a taxi driver online at Frasindo Rent. Here I offer some examples of the advantages of being an online taxi driver of Frasindo Rent. I took the example in Go-Car and Uber:

  1. Go-Car is an application-based online taxi service application owned by startup Gojek, Go-Car was first introduced in 2016 where car | four-wheeled vehicles that can be used is a private vehicle with black plate. Regarding the tariff per kilometer, Go-Car uses government regulation at Rp 2,500 per kilometer with the top tariff of Rp 6,500. Now Go-Car service has been present in 10 major cities of Jakarta, Jabodetabek, Sukabumi, Padang, Banjarmasin, Jambi, Pontianak and several other cities. As we know the use of application-based transport services such as Go-Car is now the more popular community and you can see from the increasing number of users of Go-Car coupled with the expanding range of services Go-Car now therefore work as a driver Go- Car is a very promising job in Indonesia, with all the convenience of Go-Car drivers now ranging from 7 million to 12 million per month. This kind of income is a considerable income to see if a job as a Go-Car driver is a work that can be used in leisure time, so now more and more people are turning professions into Go-Car chauffeurs or want to spend their spare time driving the Go- Car .
  2. Uber has become a new trend in the field of transportation within the city. Its taxi-like, yet differentiated atmosphere (the law of smells smells in the car), makes Uber a serious contender of taxi services that have been directly mastered by Blue Bird Taxi. Value, being a driver Uber is promising profits. But the excess must be achieved with the hard work of the Uber driver concerned especially if it has become. If you choose to drive a car that is still in installment, then Uber driver must work extra hard again to cover the mortgage and also the monthly needs of the family.

But indeed to be a driver in Frasindo Rent does not have to be a full-time job, part-time jobs can also, round for families who have other sources. Part time job at Frasindo Rent is also very relaxing, because we own that determine and certainly do not need any additional cost that need to be paid attention, because for that part time, fixed cost must remain, either join to become driver of Frasindo Rent or not. And that should have been allocated from.